AMD Leading Technology Laptops


Next-Level Gaming with AMD Advantage™

  • 100 FPS Gaming Experience
  • Fast 144Hz+ Gaming Displays
  • Fast Boot with NVMe Storage Drives
  • 10+ Hours Video Playback


Amplified Performance

Experience a new level of speed and responsiveness with award-winning AMD Ryzen™ processors and AMD Radeon™ graphics. Unlock even more performance through smart technologies, exclusive to AMD configured systems. AMD SmartShift + AMD Smart Access Memory performance increase.

Premium Displays

AMD Advantage™ laptops enable high refresh, low-latency, stutter and tear-free gaming on vividly bright, hyper responsive displays.

Fluid Gaming

Enjoy tear free, stutter free gaming with AMD FreeSync™ Premium displays in all AMD Advantage systems.

Vibrant Visual Quality

Next level immersion with bright, high detail, high resolution, high refresh rate displays.

Display Responsiveness

More connected to the action than ever before. Almost no lag from your keyboard inputs to the screen.

Built to Game
AMD Advantage™ systems are engineered for high-performance gaming with optimized thermals to stay cool and quiet no matter how long you play. These stylish designs punch above their weight.

Quiet and Cool

Optimized fan speed and temperature limits mean your laptop never gets too hot no matter what games you play or what apps you run.

Brawn Without the Bulk

All the performance, anywhere you want to game. Full-fledged gaming hardware in thin and light laptop designs.

Startup Responsiveness

Spend less time waiting on boot ups and shutdowns, get back to gaming faster with near instant wake time.